What's on Channel 11?

Channel 11, HBC and Charter Cable Educational Access Channel is maintained by the City of Lewiston.

If you are a non-profit community organization and would like to see your event on Channel 11, please contact our office by email at lewcctv@hbci.com.  If you are interested in putting something on the cable channel, please email your information in powerpoint format.


Other Events to watch for:

  • Fool's Five Road Race
  • Parades
  • High School Event and Concerts
  • Heartland Days Events
  • College Athletic Updates
  • and Much more.....

Channel 11 Schedule

St. John's Church
Watch for times & schedule

Council Meetings
Council meetings will be live.  Watch for times & schedule

High School Events.

When available.

Community Calendar
Ongoing in between programs

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